Welcoming the arrival of ‘Kintail Sprinter’

Wednesday 03rd July 2024

Eagle eyed readers may have noticed a new Kintail MRT vehicle sneaking into the pictures during the last couple of days out for the team. It’s been a while in development, but the team are pleased to announce the completion and arrival of our new control vehicle, known as Kintail Sprinter.

This Mercedes 4x4 has been converted to allow us to operate more modern communications systems which we (and the people we help) increasingly rely on. It also allows us to carry a stretcher in relative comfort. The new vehicle has been used on our recent days providing medical cover on both the Dirty 30 and Highland Cross and we’re pleased to report it’s performing as we had hoped.

The vehicle was funded through a mix of existing team funds, an anonymous donation through Scottish Mountain Rescue, multiple donations from our various supporters and a grant from SSE. We are grateful for all our supporters for their help. The vehicle was kitted out by specialist converters, Lyndon Systems.