Our purpose is to locate and recover people who get into difficulty in the outdoors. 

If you need us, call 999 or 112 and ask for POLICE and then MOUNTAIN RESCUE


We assist Police Scotland with their public safety role in wild and mountainous country. When someone is in trouble on the hills in our area, the police are called. If it requires a mountain rescue assistance, we are alerted by SMS message or telephone call. We also respond to requests from other emergency and partner agencies where required, such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic when Scottish Mountain Rescue were part of the plan to assist in the emergency response plan utilising our vehicles. 

A typical workload for the team can vary widely, but averages around nine substantial callouts per year as well as a number of smaller incidents that do not result in a full team callout. We may also be called on to assist neighbouring teams with major incidents. While the tools, training, skills and knowledge required to do the job effectively have been transformed over the years, the ethos and motivation of the team remains unchanged, and is still based on the foundations of local knowlegde, sound hill skills and a commitment to go out and do our best, whatever the weather.

We routinely work with Police Scotland, the UK Search and Rescue Helicopter Service (HMCG), RAF MRS and neighbouring MRTs in our searches for the best outcome. 

The team actively participates in the work of Scottish Mountain Rescue at national level. Team members attend training events, meetings of the General Committee and participate in the development of first aid, radio, funding and aeronautical support. We have close links with SARDA (Search and Rescue Dog Association) and have two active dog handlers on the team. Additionally, one team member is a regular delegate of the International Commission for Alpine Rescue (ICAR).