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Training 2009

January 2009 Some members attended a 2-day MRCof S Avalanche Awareness Course, Level 1, based at Glenmore Lodge. This course covered interpreting avalanche reports, determining potential terrain and snowpack hazards, using avalanche transceivers and equipment, and searching within small teams.

Probing in full winter conditions, Cairngorms.

January 2009 This years joint exercise with Torridon MRT was held around Kinlochewe. This involved two scenarios, one high level and one low level. The weather added to the training value with high gusting winds and torrential rain. The low level search along a loch failed to find the dummy casualty until a pair of wellies were seen poking out of the water. The dummy had been placed on dry land that was now flooded.

During the high level search the casualty was found and required stretcher evacuation. This was challenging due to the boggy ground. The post exercise drinks and good craic with the Torridon Team made up for the soaking. It's all about teamwork.

February 2009 Some members attended a 3-day MRCof S Avalanche Awareness Course, Level 3 held at Braemar. This dealt with search management both as a table top and practicle exercise. Search techniques as well as medical scenarios were undertaken both at night and through the day. The set MRCof S Avalanche Awareness courses were felt to be highly worthwhile and very beneficial. Searching along an avalanche site.

February 2009 We used a series of in-house workshops to keep up with basic first-aid, resuscitation, splinting and medical gases. Communication was also covered which included the correct use of radios, channels, brevity as well as the use of an aid memoir. A scenario was also carried out involving everything which had been covered. All strapped up Loaded onto stretcher and ready for transportation

March 2009 This exercise took advantage of the wintry conditions to head to the slopes of Creag a'Mhaim to relay what was learned at the previous avalanche awareness courses. The different probe search techniques, transceiver work and retrieval of a buried casualty were all practiced.

April 2009 A scenario involving the search for an injured hill-walker on the slopes of Maol Chinn Dearg meant two parties searching in a lineout until the casualty was found. Medical assessment and assistance was given before being lowered by stretcher to a point where evacuation could be done by (hypothetical) helicopter. Insulating of a casualty.

May 2009 Crag work involving correct placements of gear and the set up of good anchors for the “rigging for rescue” style of stretcher lower and hoist which we have adopted. The pro's of good communication was also stressed especially when working near an edge.

June 2009 Helicopter familiarisation involving smoke, winching, treatment of casualty and stretcher work on the slopes of Beinn Fhada (Ben Attow).

July 2009 Scenario. While getting help for a friend (Casualty 1) the person slipped and fell approximately 10 metres landing on the side of the river (Casualty 2) sustaining a pelvic fracture. Meanwhile, Casualty 1 (in a tent) is suffering from stomach pain. Rescue party finds Casualty 2 who alerts them to Casualty 1 and another search is lead to find her further up the glen. Casualty 2 is assessed and a casualty card is filled out. Oxygen is administered as the pelvic splint, vaccuum mattress and stretcher is sent down but the awkward position next to the river makes the retreaval difficult. During this time Casualty 1 is located and assesed to be suffering from suspected appendicitis and is helped to the landrover on the track. This information is relayed to the Rescue Coordinator who calls (hypothetically) for an ambulance to meet them at the team base at Morvich. Casualty1 is splinted with a pelvic splint and transferred to the vacuum mattress and stretcher
for a hoist and transfer to ambulance.

September 2009 Emergency first-aid refresher. This is a British Association of Ski Patrollers (BASP) led course and all members have this as a minimum requirement to their medical skills.

October 2009 This Communications exercise was postponed due to an on-going search for a missing person.

November 2009 Night Navigation. Scenario is that a passing fighter jet while on training lost equipment while flying over the area. Six co-ordinates were identified and one other was still to be found. Three groups were dispatched to find two articles each and relay the information on each back to base. Each article had an item number and one grid number on it and once all grid numbers were found they were put in order and the grid reference was relayed back to all teams who searched successfully for the last article. I know it's here somewhere.

December 2009 Another trip to the Ice Factor at Kinlochleven to try out our ice climbing skills.